Cooking with twins – Pizza Rolls

Everyone loves pizza, especially kids.  That’s probably why the boys and I like making it at least a couple times per month.

I got caught up in the rabbit hole that is Pinterest last week, and happened across a similar idea that got my creative juices flowing.  We added the pizza sauce to the rolls instead of just using it as a dip at the end and they came out delicious. The recipe is quick and easy to make, and is something that any age can help prepare.


pizza roll ingredients


Although we decided to use Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, Contadina pizza sauce, Hormel Pepperoni, and Kraft Cheese Sticks, i’m sure that other brands you have available to you would work just as well.

While we stuck with the basic pepperoni pizza concept (because it’s their favorite), there are a ton of other varieties that you could make.


For example:


Hawaiian – string cheese, pineapple (drained well), and Canadian bacon.

BBQ Chicken – BBQ sauce instead of pizza sauce, grilled chicken and red onions

Meatball – substitute mini meatballs for the pepperoni.

Bacon /Spinach Alfredo – Alfredo sauce, Bacon, and spinach.


No matter which combination you choose, it’s sure to be a lunch, dinner or snack your kids are going to love!




Let us know in the comments which combination you would try!




Kevin Zelenka

Kevin Zelenka is a Freelance writer, Dad Blogger, and the stay at home father of twin toddlers. You can find him playing with his sons at his home in Las Vegas, spending time with his wife, and every once in a while at the golf course.