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Hi there!  My name is Kevin (aka Spike) and I’m the father of twin boys who I affectionately call ‘Double Trouble’. That would make me, by default, the Double Trouble Daddy, and coincidentally the main writer on this blog.

I cook, clean, change diapers, give baths, do dishes and even laundry. I just don’t do windows. (o.k., I lied, yes I do.) I enjoy going on outings with my boys during the week including meeting up with other Dads and kids, and spending time with my wife and the twins as a family here in the Las Vegas area on weekends.

In what little spare time I have left you can find me reading, writing, and playing golf. An as an amateur foodie who enjoys wine and scotch, you wouldn’t be surprised to find me at either a 4 star restaurant or a food truck.

I’m a strong advocate of daddy playgroups, i’m against common core mathematics and “Daddy Discrimination.”  I also think that every father, if given the chance, should spend at least 6 months at home with their child.

I’m media friendly and do accept advertising on this blog. Just email me and we’ll talk.


The blog is comprised of a lot of a lot of things.  You’ll find adventures that my sons and I partake in.  You’ll get to overhear some of our their intimate conversations, and even share a laugh or two. I post recipes sometimes on Sundays, and even talk about things like beer, wine, cigars and scotch in a place called “The Patio“.


It’s a lot of fun and each article has buttons below it to make it easy to share.  If you like something you read, share it with a friend.  If you hate something, go ahead and share it with an enemy. Either way, grab a spot on the couch and laugh along with us as we navigate parenthood two diapers at a time.





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