If My Love Were A Firetruck

One of the advantages of blogging is that occasionally I will be asked to review a book, or product. I don’t often take companies up on their offers, but once in awhile they’ll represent a product or book that I think will really resonate with the boys!

This is the case with the book I was asked to review, If My Love Were A Firetruck.

They sent it to us free to check out, but I’ll admit, I would have paid for it.  It’s a great book by Luke Reynolds about a father explaining to his son how much he loves him. 



Being a dad, there’s nothing that I love more than spending time with my twins. I also spend time showing them how much I love them.  It’s such a delicate balancing act being a parent.  On one hand, you have to make sure that they do the things that they don’t always like doing. (Eating dinner, picking up toys, behaving). You also have to make sure that they realize that the only reason that we make them do these things is because we love them! The book was an incredible portrayal of the bond between father and son. 


Caution: Spoiler Alert

Our favorite part of the book is the very end, where he says, “If my love was a big bear hug, it would snuggle you all night long.”

This is the point in our evening before bed where I would normally give the boys hugs and kisses before tucking them in.  These typical hugs are replaced with HUGE Bear Hugs! (at which point one, or both of them will exclaim, “Just like in the story!“)



Jeff Mack’s illustrations are spot-on. They follow the story with drawings of a father doing everything the book talks about with his son.  Maybe a lesson to be learned is that loving is less about just saying it, and more about showing it?  At least that’s my perception.



I highly recommend If My Love Were A Firetruck! If you’d like to pick up a copy, you can do so right here


Kevin Zelenka

Kevin Zelenka is a Freelance writer, Dad Blogger, and the stay at home father of twin toddlers. You can find him playing with his sons at his home in Las Vegas, spending time with his wife, and every once in a while at the golf course.