My Son’s First Fight


 Yep, I said it.  Fight. 


I knew it would happen, but never imagined it would be this soon.  In the backseat, our twin sons are chattering away, like 3 year-olds tend to do. I push the button on the steering wheel that signals the voice-command feature, and ask the car (sounds weird, right?) to call my mother-in-law.


After several rings, she answers the phone, and the first thing out of my mouth was “Thank-You.”

Not catching the sarcasm in my voice, and thinking that I was, in fact, appreciative of something she unknowingly responds with “What did I do?”


Keep in mind that I haven’t even called my wife to tell her yet. I break the news to my sons’ grandmother of what I had just learned from a teacher at their preschool.


“Thanks to you, Carter was involved in his first fight.”

“Uh, Oh.”  She said.  “What happened?”


I guess the story, as relayed to me by one of the teachers, was that Carter and a classmate were sitting next to each other. Someone must have spilled something, or broken something, or drawn on the table, because instinctively, Carter responded with what he learned from his Grandma on his mother’s side. 

“Life Happens”

His classmate disagreed with the statement, obviously hearing a different version from someone. (Maybe his grandma?)

Accidents Happen” the little boy replied.


Carter, figuring there was no way that his grandmother could be wrong, repeated his version again, a little more loudly, in case maybe the little boy with a different opinion didn’t understand him….


And they went back and forth like this for I’m sure what seemed like the entire afternoon.


There were no blows, so I guess calling it a “fight” is a bit severe.  Just a very heated discussion consisting of 2 little boys, each very passionate about their 2 little words.


I’m just glad that their grandmother didn’t teach the twins the version that I learned growing up (excrement happens).  I’m sure the conversation with their teacher would have gone a little different.


Kevin Zelenka

Kevin Zelenka is a Freelance writer, Dad Blogger, and the stay at home father of twin toddlers. You can find him playing with his sons at his home in Las Vegas, spending time with his wife, and every once in a while at the golf course.